1st semester book costs

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OUCH!! :eek:

Just ordered my books for first semester (junior year). Came out to $661, saves $88 by getting them through amazon, and that was buying them new at amazon vs used at bookstore. Bonus was that if you have an .edu email address you can get a free year of amazon prime, and get free 2 day shipping.

So what did everyone else pay. :D



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I feel your pain! I'm still in the midst of buying all of my books, but it will come to a total of between $700-800. :eek:

I've calculated the costs and it's actually not that much more expensive for me to buy used textbooks from my university bookstore as opposed to the versions I would buy on Amazon. I'm very anal about my textbooks - previous highlighting and writing is distracting to me, so I'd be purchasing the newer, more expensive versions on Amazon anyway. Plus, faculty told us we are going to need the CDs that come with the books. At least with used versions from the bookstore, I know that the CD is included and I can flip through to make sure there's very little highlighting and writing, if any. :nurse:



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Yeah my only problem is that I had to look everything up by the title/edition/author, as when you go to the NAU bookstore online(i'm still currently out of town), they don't have the isbn. I'm pretty sure this is solely to make it harder to buy your books elsewhere, which is a pain. So I'm not opening any of mine til I can stop by the bookstore next week and collect all the isbn's that I need. Still worth the $88 I saved though to buy online.



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I bought mine through my bookstore because they came in a bundle. I went on Amazon and priced everything and it was actually cheaper through my bookstore! I was shocked!! I spent about $650.



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At the bookstore mine would have come to over $800 but It's going to be more like $700 because I'm buying most at Amazon.



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Amazon.com is very expensive. I used dealoz.com to find the cheapest deal on the Internet. Also purchased my books in June when a lot of people were selling. Paid about $350-400, estimated costs thru the bookstore for just my nursing texts were about $700-800. Included in my $350-400 was a nutrition textbook b/c I was accepted into school with the condition that I would finish this pre-req during my first semester.

Textbooks are just one of the big scams in higher education, the cost is outrageous & before new laws came into place, my bookstore would not reveal ISBN numbers. Also when we enter the bookstore it's like we're being admitted to Sing-Sing, remove all jackets, backpacks, bags, etc. I don't step foot in that place anymore.



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I wish my books were only 600-700.. I paid $1000!



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I paid $1160 for mine, got it through the bookstore, cuz i wanted to study early and because my school offers electronic version of my books, i think i got a better deal.



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My books cost $430.00. It was actually a little cheaper than buying on amazon because my school sells them in a bundle. I still have to buy a nursing kit with is required for $88. My dh will have to go with me to get the books because it is too much for one person to carry.:eek:



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The bundles from the bookstore added up to almost $1000... I will end up spending about $250 when I am done buying, including the necessary online access codes. I won't have e-books, which come in the bundles, but I don't think I would use them anyway.



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here is a list of the books i need...first price is price i paid and the second is the amazon price. i'll never buy from the book store unless i have no other option!

  • pharmacology:nursing proc.appr.-std $17.99/$24.01

  • pharmacology:nursing process appr.- $63.99/$73.91

  • dosage calculations-w/cd $30/$75.89

  • essentials of psych.mental hlth $47.75/$50.74

  • pathophys.for health professions-study guide. $20/$25

  • nursing care plans free/$50.23

  • [color=#ae0eba]lippincott's photo atlas of med.adm $5.03/$13.37

  • fundamentals of nursing-study guide free/$24.01

  • fundamentals of nursing-w/cd free/$89.06

  • mosby's dict.of med.,nurs.+hlth $28.01/$31.83

  • rnotes:nurse's clinical pocket guid $17.95/$23.12

  • toward healthy aging free/$51.51

  • davis's drug guide for nurses-w/cd--still have to get

  • pathophys.for health professions--still have to get

  • quick+easy med.terminology-w/3 cds--still have to get

  • mosby's manual of diagnostic+lab--still have to get

  • evolve: evolve online patient reviews – user guide & access code--bookstore

  • online documentation software program to buy, price is approx $125.00.--from bookstore

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My books were surprisingly cheap! There were only 6 required books and one was the "clicker" to answer questions in class, so that doesnt count as a book.

I bought 4 on amazon for about $215 and I used my B&N gift card for the required Saunders review book.

There are actually 7 more books, they arent required but I know that Im going to need them, Im just holding off for a little while longer before I buy them, lol.

The guy that I talked to at the bookstore says students usually spend around $900 at the bookstore and that they usually get all the books, so I guess I should get them too. Any and all supplemental help should be good for me.