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St. Rose New grad program 2014


Hi! I need help about the St. rose new grad program. i can't seem to find any information about it on their website.

Any reply is much appreciated. thanks!

They start new programs every 2 months. They hired a group that'll start in September. So the next one will be in November. Apps will probably go out in Oct. There's only a one week window to apply and get all the required documents in. Look out for it. If I were you, I would email them and ask what dates the applications will be available. Good luck!

I also have a question regarding the new grad program at st rose. Are u still allowed to re-apply on the next cohort if you weren't selected previously? Do you need to write a new essay and cover letter?

Yes you can reapply. I'm not sure about the essay & cover letter, but if you weren't selected you might wanna spice those up and make some changes to make yourself a better candidate.