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St. Francis Traditional or Methodist Accelerated

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I was accepted to both St. Francis College of Nursing in Peoria and Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria, but I'm not sure what to consider when comparing the two.

St. Francis Pros

I've heard only good things about the school and I think that being connected to a large hospital will help me find my first job. Is that a false assumption?

St. Francis Cons

St. Francis only offers a traditional track. I can't start until August. What would I do between now and then? I would finish in May 2017.

Methodist Pros

The program is accelerated. I would start in January. I would finish in August 2016.

Methodist Cons

Will an accelerated program be too much? I'm also concerned with some of the things that I've heard about the program, i.e. disorganized, poor teaching, out to get your money => Methodist allows you to start classes without all of the pre-reqs done, and I asked the admissions office if I would be able to take the one class that I would have left (a math class) at my local community college and I was told that I had to take it at Methodist! Even though if I did it this semester, they would accept it as a transfer credit. Whereas St. Francis called me up after doing a transcript review and told me what classes I still needed, and how I could get credit with CLEP.

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