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St. Francis Scool of Nursing- Trenton

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Is anyone attending St. Francis School of Nursing? Can you tell me anything about the RN program?


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SFMC has an excellent program; excellent Rad Tech program, too. I am a staff RN here, though I didn't go to school here. I know a lot of the grads..the school turns out a good product and hire a lot of their own. Welcome and Good Luck


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I am really glad to hear that the St. Francis School of Nursing in Trenton has an excellent program!

What would you recommend to a student who is deciding between diploma/associates degree or an accelerated bachelor's nursing degree? So far, I am thinking of cost and which path would prepare a student best for the work field. I heard that accelerated programs is very fast paced. If you have more knowledge of the accelerated program or the diploma/associates degree, I would be more than happy to listen!

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