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St. Davids New Grad Program Vs. Seton

sbuhidar sbuhidar (New) New

Hey guys,

This is my first time posting on this site so I hope to get some helpful feedback! I just graduated nursing school a few months ago and have applied to St. Davids North Austin and Seton Main. I have been offered both positions. Seton is on a pulmonary/renal floor and St. Davids is on a renal/endocrinology floor. I am trying to decide which hospital to go with! I would appreciate any feedback if you have or know anyone that has gone through either GN programs. I am leaning towards St. Davids but orientation is much shorter.

Also, any suggestions as how to prepare for the renal floor?

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Hi, I know this is a late thread. I was wondering which hospital did you pick?