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SSN#s for TN visa holders

by Camille61 Camille61 (New) New

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I have read previous posts and understand from what has already been said that many states will not issue licenses if the candidate does not have a SSN#. However, Illinois is one of the states that will issue the license and so my question is:

For nurses who obtain a state license and a TN Visa (for which there is no cap or quota for Canadian nurses at present), how would someone who is offered a position go about obtaining a SSN# in the US?

Any specific advice would be very much appreciated. (Naysayers please refrain from posting.) ;)

Thank you.


Silverdragon102, BSN

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Once you have a TN visa you just go to the local SSN office and they will issue SSN to you. Make sure you take proof of TN visa as they will want to see proof that you have a legal work visa


Has 9 years experience.

Thank you so much for your response!!!

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