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Spring 2010 Hopefuls!


Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry. Has 3 years experience.

I thought I'd start one of these, I haven't seen one.

Only one year away (almost)!

Where are you applying?

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Any entrance exams? scores?

Plan A, B and C?

zipadeezoe, BSN, RN

Specializes in Surgical ICU, Cardiac/Surgical Telemetry. Has 3 years experience.

I'll begin...

Where are you applying?

CSU Long Beach (my top choice school, and the only one of my tops that is accepting spring admission)

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? Point system?

Science GPA (4pts) , General Ed GPA (2pts) , TEAS math score (2pts), TEAS overall score (2 pts) = 10 points total

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

I haven't finished all my prereqs but so far...

- 4.0 in sciences so far (but i've only taken Chem haha)

- 4.0 in GE courses, so far

- 3.8 overall

Any entrance exams? scores?

TEAS - haven't taken them yet. I will this summer.

Plan A, B and C?

A - Get into CSU Long Beach on my first try (I will still have Physio in progress)

B - Apply again to CSULB for Fall 2010 once all prereqs are completed as well as apply to SFSU for Fall, retake TEAS if necessary.

C - Stay at my JC, and finish all of my other general education (ones that weren't required for NS) and once again... apply to CSULB for Spring 2011

D - Stay at my JC and take whatever I need to, or if I need to retake classes I will (I'm hoping I won't have to) and work as a CNA (i'm getting my CNA license in december) Apply for Fall 2011 all up and down california: CSULB (again.. i know, excessive) , SFSU, CSU East Bay, CSU LA, Sonoma State, Sac State, CSU Chico, CSU Stanislaus, CSU Fresno, CSU San Marcos, CSU Channel Islands, and my JC's ADN program.

E - Work as a CNA if accepted nowhere (wow that would be depressing), and apply to ADN programs and LVN programs all over and work my way up to ADN, BSN and MSN.

F - If I never get accepted to any programs I will go crazy and probably move to San Francisco or LA and live as a bum on the streets.

I'm taking 2009 to complete my pre-reqs and co-reqs which weren't completed in my prior degree (2 pre-reqs required, 3 co-reqs for 5 total). I want to focus only on the nursing courses, so I'm getting all 5 out of the way. I'll apply for Spring 2010 admission!

Where are you applying? North Central Texas College

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? Point system...combines GPA, number of hours completed (of course including pre-reqs, but also taking into acct. co-reqs completed at time of application), A&P I and II grades factor largely as well.

What is your current GPA? (science and GE) My previous Bachelor's degree (completed 12 years ago) was a 3.0 cum and a 3.8 in my major. I'm just beginning my other pre-req's/co-req's in Jan, so we'll see what age and maturity does...:lol2:

Any entrance exams? scores? Don't have to take the TEAS since I have a prior Bachelor's Degree. The test for the nursing program admission is the Hesi entrance exam (not taken yet).

Plan A, B and C? No alternate schools....just get up, dust myself off and get back on the horse. (If I am not accepted, I will try again at the same school). In the meantime, continue to be a SAHM to my 2 little boys.

Good luck to everyone!

I thought I'd start one of these, I haven't seen one.

Only one year away (almost)! I know I'm so excited!

Where are you applying?


What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

at least 3.0 in cum gpa and 3.0 at lest in science gpa

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

ge 3.34 science 3.0 but still have one more semester left after this one so hopefully ge 3.5 along with science gpa

Any entrance exams? scores?

net haven't taken it yet maybe in jan or b4 june next yr

Plan A, B and C?

there is none just keep on applying til I get in :D

I thought I'd start one of these, I haven't seen one.

I'm fall 2009, but I thought I'd reply anyway because polls are fun ;)

Where are you applying?

Community College of Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson, Drexel, Temple, LaSalle

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

The only one I really know about is CCP, which is points. I'm not so sure how the others weight things. CCP is a maximum of 9 points: up to 4 for GPA, up to 2 for course completion (any withdrawals and Fs), and up to 3 for the health test.

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Prerequisite GPA is 4.0. Overall GPA which includes my first degree is about 2.9 right now. I'm applying to CCP as a current student though, so they will only be looking at my CCP classes.

Any entrance exams? scores?

CCP has the AHT and I have to take the GREs for Jefferson. No scores back yet.

Plan A, B and C?

Not sure what plan A is. I'm leaning more towards getting a BSN which would be faster but MUCH more expensive. But I'm not really going to formulate a specific Plan A until I know where I'm accepted. Basically, Plan A is to get in to nursing school.

Plan B is to get EMT certified and work while reapplying everywhere (taking a year to do this). Plan C is to get paramedic certified (easier to get in to schools, but HARD certification tests) and then do a paramedic to RN bridge program.

Aww yay a thread for me!

Where are you applying?

Ivy Tech Community College- Lawrencen, Columbus, and Anderson campuses

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

APHY 101/102

PSYC 101

ENGL 111

and a dumb elective class

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)


Any entrance exams? scores?

None...just a placement test I had to take to place before I started classes.

I plan on taking my TEAS between January and March.

Plan A, B and C?

Plan A; Apply to the ASN program and get in

Plan B: If not accepted, apply to LPN program and get into the LPN-RN bridge program

Plan C: Continue taking program related courses and reapply for the Fall 2010 semester. I will probably get certified as a CNA.

Nothing after that!

I thought I'd be a 2009 Fall Hopeful, but after meeting with the adviser yesterday, I was informed that I would be in a "provisional status". Basically, I was an awful student at Vanderbilt, and my GPA reflected such, so the new school, Our Lady of the Lake College, is allowing me to have academic renewal and erase the prior grades, but I have to start all over from scratch including taking an academic seminar and having a first semester limit of 7-9 hours, the academic seminar is 1 hour and I am taking Organic Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology I.

Where are you applying? Our Lady of the Lake Nursing school

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? GPA, Teas score, pre-reqs (Chem, A&P I, College Algebra, English, Psychology, and Academic Seminar). I will also more than likely miss the deadline for Fall 09 even though I can apply because of the restrictions for Spring 09; however I have been advised that if I miss the deadline, then I'll be able to take the core courses in the fall and it will make me a more desirable applicant when I apply for the spring 10 well, that and it'll put me closer to graduation

What is your current GPA? (science and GE) I don't have a GPA yet due to the academic renewal. As back2thebooks said, let's see what age and maturity does.

Any entrance exams? scores? I have to pass the TEAS

Plan A, B and C? A: Get into school for the Fall 09, B: Get into school for Spring 10, but have most of the first semester nursing courses completed. C: Get into nursing school for Fall 10 and have a huge majority of my nursing courses completed.

I thought I'd start one of these, I haven't seen one.

Only one year away (almost)!

Where are you applying?

Columbia ETP, NYU accelerated program, Pace

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

Science GPA, General Ed GPA

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

I already have BA and I haven't began taking my prereqs as yet. I start in the Spring. I will be going to BMCC.

Any entrance exams? scores?

Columbia and Pace require a satisfactory score of 1000 on the GRE.

Plan A, B and C?

Not sure yet.


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Where are you applying? Mohave Community College in Lake Havasu AZ

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? My school likes to have all of your pre and co reqs done before you apply. And they also look at the NET.

What is your current GPA? 3.5 I had all A's and then I got a C in Algebra, My worst subject

Any entrance exams? scores? NET test I got a comp score of 78 but I am going to retake since they really like an 80

Plan A? If I dont get in I am going to take Phlebotomy and apply the following semester.

Where are you applying? University of Maryland School of Nursing Baltimore, MD

Spring 2010

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

Completion of all 59 Pre-reqs., overall GPA 3.0 (very compettive school they suggest it should be higher), satisfactory score of NET, 2 academic letters of recommendation, and resume. That's all I can think of right now!

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Science GPA 4.0 (I only have to complete Chemistry Lecture and Lab now, will be taking those next Fall 2009)

General Education 3.5 (I still have 2 math classes, humanities, english, and one social sciences class left)

Any entrance exams? scores? NET, I took it once, didn't do so well I'am retaking to next year, before Sept. 1st. application deadline for school

Plan A: Apply to UMB SON complete BSN work in critical care and come back for MSN program for CRNA.

Plan B: Stay at the CC I'm at complete their program and apply to UMB RN-BSN program, work and go back for my MSN to become a CRNA.

I hope Plan A happens... It will take longer and cost more to go back for BSN then MSN.

Good Luck to everyone :D

HI ALL! Im 42, working on 8 preqs, have a BS degree in Public Policy from 20 years ago, part-time SAHM (whose career is coming to an end with kids going off to college:cry:

I have a 3.5 GPA in previous degree and 4.0 in current preqs...no worries EXCEPT for STATs and CHEM (a little nervous about those)..but I know tutors can raise your grades one or two letters if you work with them! I also have MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST Anxiety (which seems to be the only kind they use in NS) I got A's on every ESSAY exam in college, but not so on MULTCHOICE Tests..But Im going to the Learn Cntr and hopefully they can help with that!

MY PLAN is to 1)get into Community Colleges ACCELERATED RN (13month) program(I have a good shot because of GPA and PT. system they use), 2) then do two years in PEACE CORP (which is a present to myself & a tool for helping with EMPTY NEST..heehee). 3) Then Apply to Johns Hopkins---RN-MSN in Nurse Midwife.

I am going to apply to Johns Hopkins and HCC and see what happens, but I don't hold out much hope for getting into JH on the first try. I graduated from U of MD and am also considering UMAB which has a very cool SON (also very hard to get into) but I like the Johns hopkins program a little better.

I am open to the fact that I may like another specialty better once I get started, but I am very interested in community health, have done a few medical missionary trips around the world and love the whole global nursing/disaster nursing/nursing education aspects too! Who knows, so many choices, and DARNIT only ONE LIFE!

So Glad to be able to talk to all the other people who at the same point in the journey....GOOD LUCK ALL, you have been very comforting and inspiring to me!

I thought I'd start one of these, I haven't seen one.

Only one year away (almost)!

Where are you applying?

UTA maybe TCU

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

UTA- 12 credit hours of the science completed out of the 16 that are req when you apply. At least a 3.5 to get a interview so I heard

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Science- 4.0 as of now GE- 3.5

Any entrance exams? scores?

Hesi havent taken it yet plan on in the summer

Plan A, B and C?



there is no C I better get into one of the programs:D


Specializes in student; help!.

Where are you applying?

WITC in Superior, WI.

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

  • Meet a special assessment standard on a WITC admissions test. [not required if you already have a Bachelor's, yay!]
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED certificate or be currently enrolled in a secondary Youth Options program.
  • Complete one year of high school chemistry or one semester of college-level chemistry with a "C-" or better.
  • Have an acceptable Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check, National Criminal Background Check, Minnesota Caregiver Background Check (if applicable), and/or other states as applicable.
  • Complete a nursing assistant program.
  • Possess current certification of “CPR for Healthcare Providers”.
  • Pass a physical exam, have current immunizations, and demonstrate negative status for tuberculosis (Tb).

What is your current GPA? (science and GE)

Not sure, but around 3.5, I think. Could be higher, might be lower, but it really doesn't matter for the program.

Any entrance exams? scores?


Plan A, B and C?

None, really. I'm accepted and on the wait list, so I just have to bide my time. I do have to take Speech before I start the core classes, but that's it. I have a newborn so I won't do that for at least a semester. I have to finish my pathphys class, too, but I'm waiting until she's at least 3 months old and on a more predictable sleeping schedule, so I know when I can work (some assignments are timed and I can't stop/start them).

good thread!

School: Medical university of south carolina - accelerated BSN program

requirements: SAT/ACT, 3 letters of reference, personal essay, field experience, CPR certification, and the usual science prereqs - I have my bachelor's already, so i just basically have to take the sciences - and l plan to CLEP out of the Human Growth & Dev. class

current GPA: 3.76 - from my previous college I had a 2.89 - i'm not sure how they will determine my overall GPA...

Entrance Exams: unfortunately, yes: 1000 or higher SAT or 22 or higher ACT - I took my SAT over 10 yrs. ago, just barely breaking 1000 - I might take the ACT and see how I do.

Plan A: Get into the MUSC program

Plan B: Get into the MUSC program

Plan C: Get into the MUSC program

If I keep trying, I will eventually get in :) I will work hard and if that doesn't work, I will work harder. I want this, and I can make this happen. Think Positive :)

i thought i'd start one of these, i haven't seen one.

only one year away (almost)!

where are you applying?

i am applying to craven community college. i already have a b.a. so with the inability to get financial aid, it is much cheaper to go this route. i will do adn-bsn-msn or adn-medical school (i am completing the requirements along with my pre-nursing saving the bulk of my money for the three or four premed classes i have to complete at a university)

what are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

the requirements are high school chemistry, a&p i and ii, developmental psych, general psych, and other general ed classes i completed at my university some years ago. the only classes i have had to take are: developmental psych, a&p i and ii, and then others for the bsn requirements (stats, micro, college algebra)

what is your current gpa? (science and ge)

my university gpa: 3.63

major gpa: 3.78

comm college: 3.76

science gpa: 4.0

any entrance exams? scores?

yes there is one, i took it before and scored very high (an easy in). now that i have taken more classes it should be even higher.

plan a, b and c?

a- ccc adn program-> bsn -> md program

b- ccc adn program-> bsn -> ap nursing program

Where are you applying? Houston Community College and Lonestar College for the ADN program and University of Texas School of Nursing for BSN program. I already have an associates degree in business so wherever I can get it first is the route I will take.

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? HCC looks at HESI and ensuring all prereqs and coreqs are taken first, combination gpa. You must also take PHARM and pass with acceptable scores before acceptance but you cannot take it until the give permission. Lonestar is a point system with gpa combined with specific courses which stinks for me because I clepped out of Composition 1 so it actually hurts me in this case by not having a score. UT is gpa, NET and personal interview.

What is your current GPA? (science and GE) 3.8 and 3.5..I am taking philosophy in a minimester right now and have an A which should bump my GE a tad. Taking Micro and AP2 next semester followed by chem and stats.

Any entrance exams? scores? NET composite of 78%...it was not at all what I expected and I was not prepared. I will retake it after next semester and expect to score much higher (although the national average is 69%).

Plan A: take the HESI on 1/14th and submit my application to Houston Community College for ADN program.

B: take the HESI on 1/14th and submit my application after next semester to Lonestar College for ADN program

C: retake NET complete Micro and AP2 and submit application for UTSON and take Chem and Stat while waiting.

D: apply again and again until I get accepted or go through and LVN program and work my way up.

I will be applying June of 09' for a start Spring of 2010

Where are you applying? Suffolk County Community College, Ammerman or Grant Campus

What are their requirements/what do they look at for admission? Last year I heard that they only took people with a 3.7 or higher in courses A&PI, A&PII, Psych 101, Sociology, English 101 & Micro

What is your current GPA? Currently in all the pre-reqs I have a 3.9

Any entrance exams? scores? I don't know

Plan A, B and C? If nothing I also applied for the NYPD:D

i'm actually applying for summer 2010, but i thought i would join the thread anyway :)

where are you applying?

western carolina university accelerated bsn program, in western nc

what are their requirements/what do they look at for admission?

score of 1-100 based on three factors:

50% cumulative gpa including all coursework, from prior degree and otherwise

25%-teas score

25%-interview score (including a discussion of resumes)

what is your current gpa? (science and ge)

science-4.0 (but i've only taken a&p i and a&p ii), and about a 3.999 in ge (i have one b on my college transcripts, although it sucks that that counts because i was doing "dual enrollment" at the time and was still in high school).

any entrance exams? scores?

teas test, but i won't be taking it until about november 09

plan a, b and c?

plan a-apply for western 2010 admission; take a pay cut and work as a cna for a short time for the experience (beginning in about july of 2009) while i finish up the pre-reqs.

plan b-continue working as a cna. reapply for 2011 admission. apply to local adn program (if i do this, i'll do the rn-bsn program shortly thereafter).

plan c-rinse and repeat. do whatever i need to to boost my application in the interim (volunteering, additional classes, etc.).

good luck to all in this journey. it is so nice to see so many other second degree people out there. it gets a little disheartening sometimes...feel like i'm getting to old for this, and just want to be done and on with my life!

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