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Spring 2018 E-Line-Tamucc

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Hey Everybody.

I'ma non-traditional student from Texas.

I took my HESI, so here it is along with my GPAS

1. Reading Comprehension 92.00

2. Conclusion 67.00

3. Implications 92. 00

4. Meaning-Word Use 92.00

5. Understanding 100.00

6. Grammar 88.00

7. Vocabulary & Knowledge 92.00

8. Biology 96.00

9. Chemistry 100.00

10. A&P 80.00

11. Math 88.00

Cumulative Score 90.86

Critical Thinking Overall 910

1. Analysis of Data 840

2. Argument Analysis 958

3. Prioritization of Care 875

4. Problem Solving 897

5. Resolution Biases/ Ethical Dilemma 1,000

Overal GPA 3.971

Science GPA 3.90

I really didn't study for the HESI, and it showed in the A&P as well as the conclusions portion under reading comprehension. I also failed Chemistry class one summer because of a bad cold, but I made it up, and it was the only B I ever obtained in my academic career (only As). I'm going to turn in my application tonight or tomorrow morning, but I wanted to pick your brains about getting into the E-line program at TAMUCC. I know I have an okay GPA, but I did fail one class, which I made up and got a B. As well, I failed the conclusions portion of the Reading Comp, and I only got an 80 on the A&P, which I am livid about. Will all this combined significantly reduce my chances of getting into the E-line program at TAMUCC?

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