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i m international nurse in australia , brisbane n m wondering how a nurse gets sponsorship from a health care facility,,,?? is there any certain companies....???? do i have to contact each nursing home ..??i want to stay permanently in australia but i dont know what can i do.. please help me.

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Are you registered with a state as a nurse and met their requirements? Have you tried contacting HR at hospitals and see if they assist? They may be the starting points if you haven't already done so

thanks for reply.

m a EEN(meds) registered with qnc. i tried lots of nursing homes but i cudnt find .. i ve heard that if we try in remote areas like toowoomba .. then we can get it. i tried there too.. but i dont understand what exactly they need.. i m just wondering there must b some certain agencies that will hire..... may b

i don't think health care facilities can sponsor EEN(Med) as they are not included in the skills occupation list..

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