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What search terms/Method could I possibly use to find hospitals that sponsor international nurses(given that I'm not in the US now)?

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If there was a significant shortage of nurses in the US and it was necessary for employers to recruit from offshore, the employer's would be advertising, and offering relocation assistance and other enticements. Nurse recruiters would be at job fair booths and if applicants phoned or emailed the human resources department, a recruiter would get back to them within 24 hours. Those are the practices that typically occur during a nursing shortage cycle, but when there is a nursing surplus cycle, the opposite happens. During a surplus cycle employers don't need to advertise beyond their website, they don't need to actively recruit, or offer incentives, they don't need to respond to phone calls or emails from external, unlicensed, internationally educated nurses, they have enough local, qualified applicants to chose from to fill vacancies.

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Most of the US & Canada is in a surplus cycle