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Spinal cord injury + reflexive urination + suprapubic catheter question

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I had a pt with a low spinal cord injury. He was reflexing, so was wearing a condom cath. He also had a suprapubic catheter. The bag to the condom cath had urine and there was none in the bag to the SPT.

MD ordered irrigation of bladder. The charge nurse performed it. She did not clamp the SPT catheter below the level of the installation. She instilled about 120 ml of NS into the SPT catheter at its needless port. Nothing was returned into the SPT catheter bag. There did appear to be added volume to the condom cath bag.

She said that that the additional volume in the condom cath bag was the irrigation that was returned "through his penis". Do you agree? Because I'm thinking that 1) she should have clamped the catheter of the spt distal to the port in which she instilled the irrigation. 2) she did not instill enough irrigation to flush any clot that may have been in the area of the spt tube 3) the additional volume in the condom cath bag was simply urine in the bladder, not the irrigation.

This is troubling me and I want to know what experience others have had in a similar situation. Thanks.


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