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Specific Online FNP Program questions (SBAR Format!)

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Situation:  Looking for an Online FNP program similar to Grand Canyon University's BSN program, to which I had a wonderful experience learning. 

Background: 7 years RN experience, mostly ER, little ICU.  I tried 2 different online programs and felt they lacked straightforwardness (Walden University, you suck at this) or reasonable expectations (University of Colorado Springs, every discussion post was a full on 2-page paper with citations required).  

Assessment:  GCU had some things I loved.  Here are the things I'm looking for:
1) Complete online library - their library rocked!
2) Straightforward assignments with reasonable expectations
3) 'Clean-feeling' organization

Recommendation:  Please help.  GCU does not offer FNP Online in Fort Collins, Colorado right now.  

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