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specialty pods?

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Does anyone work in specialty pods? how does this work?

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Rose_Queen is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in OR, education.

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We have a bit of a hybrid approach. Orthopedics and cardiac are their own specialties; everyone else is assigned a specialty team but is not kept in only those specialties. I can see both sides:


  • Surgeons work with the same staff and feel comfortable with who is in their room
  • Staff is more comfortable with those procedures
  • Staff become experts in their area


  • Call- is it by specialty team (meaning more people on call every night meaning everyone has to take more call) or is it still general OR call (meaning people end up in cases that they aren't proficient in)
  • Low census- what happens if their specialty team has an extremely low case volume for whatever reason? Does the specialty team go home because that's all they do even though another specialty may be crazy busy or have call offs?

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