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I'm very new to NP and have not even graduated yet, however I am in my last year and beginning to consider my options once I finish. Of course I understand that, once credentialed, I could work with a practice or a hospital network in a primary care setting. But, what I am not so sure about is my ability, with a FNP credential to specialize, say in nephrology, GI, orthopedics, cardiology, etc and what would be involved in order to get certified in a speciality. I'm in Pennsylvania.

thanks for any insight.

Kyla RN, BSN

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I recently spoke with an outpatient oncology FNP in Oregon. She graduated and landed a job in an outpatient oncology clinic (that was her goal). She had to meet a certain number of hours working there before she qualified to take the Oncology certification test via ONS. She passed and now she's certified in that specialty. I'm guessing that certification process is similar to other specialties.