Speaking of YIPPEES!!!!

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I just got off the phone with the coordinator for the Tutoring Program at my college.

She wanted to tell me that I had been recommended by my Anatomy and Physiology instructor to be a tutor for the A&P and MIcrobiology classes!!!!

Must be the fact that I was the one who DIDN'T faint while we were doing the dissections.... :)

I was really proud to think that the instructor thinks that highly of me to recommend me for this...

Yea for the old farts!



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Passing out during disections????? OOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSS lets be more medically correct.....syncopal events!!!! :D

LMAO! :)

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:) Oh! I think that's wonderful! To be "hand-picked" as one might say... CONGRATS!!!

You go Girl!!!

Julie:D :) :) :D


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I found out today that the requirements for the math refresher have changed, and I have 2 LESS chapters to finish than I had last semester...... !!!!

Yeah! Once I have finished with these blankety blank polynomials, I can take the final and be OUT of there!!!!!



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