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Southwest Tennessee Community College Fall 2015


Do you think you will receive an acceptance letter?

  1. 1. Do you think you will receive an acceptance letter?

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      Will you celebrate your acceptance?
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      Will you pass out after reading your acceptance?

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Hi, all Southwest Tennessee Community College Fall 2015 hopefuls!!!!?

I must agree I will definitely be celebrating this awaited journey!!!!!!!

Hi there! There are a couple of in here waiting for word. I started a thread to get in contact as well

I have heard so many stories aa far as acceptance. I'm just awaiting my celebration time......not dwelling on the negative!!!

What is your index score?

Thanks for the encouragement!! What semester are you in?

Thanks!!! @Southwest_nursing

Good job scoring a 108 on the NLN but what is your index score? (used for selection) @harvey38

Hey my index is a 58....can you tell me what foundation chapters to read during the summer?

If you want read the whole book you can you want know what's on the test its a lot of information our first test over 20 chapters & it's fair game to what we will be tested over that's goes for the lecture & clinical of foundation @harvey38

My index 57.7 round up to 58 I should have put in my first post

Oh ok....so you don't have any particular chapters assigned to read...just study the whole book??

We read 1-3 then jump to other chapters then back to 4-6 it's all over but if you are gonna read this summer y not read it all @harvey38

I'll send you the syllabus message your email so you can see @harvey38