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Southern NJ ABSN Programs

Pre-Nursing   (238 Views 1 Comments)
by nicolexlynn nicolexlynn (New Member) New Member

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I am located in Southern NJ and am currently taking prerequisite courses to apply to (preferably) an ABSN program. My mind was set on attending Rutgers Camden due to distance but I've recently heard they are looking for a 3.4 overall GPA. They also require one extra course (Genetics) that I would have to take specific to their admissions. That being said I starting setting my sights on Thomas Edison's ABSN program instead. I was wondering if anyone in the South Jersey area had any insight on the programs offered locally. I live right by Rowan University but they do not offer a traditional BSN let alone an accelerated. My GPA at Camden County College is low from 2004-2007 (2.9) and my GPA from Stockton where I got my Bachelor's in business is a 3.25. I have taken A&P I and II and got an A in both so far and am wrapping up Biomedical Ethics and Nutrition next week. Any advice or direction would be much appreciated as I will be finishing up my pre-req's in the Fall 2018 semester (hopefully with A's as well).

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