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SouthCal Reinstatement

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by flutterywings flutterywings (New) New Nurse

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Hello, my license was surrendered September 2016 because of a case that I was involved in.  I am on the OIG list, so I cannot find a job that's related to healthcare. Since then, I have been unemployed for almost 3 years in healthcare but have been helping with my family business. I recently contacted the BON regarding my reinstatement of my license, and according to them, my license can only be reinstated after 3 years; that will be September of 2020. Now I'm trying to self study to brush up my nursing knowledge and skills but I don't know where to begin.  I am looking for recommendations for refresher courses.   Also, for support groups for LVN that are working to reinstate their license. 

Case was elder abuse related, it was dismissed and expunged. I did not receive a probationary period with the BON and my license was surrendered not revoked. 

Badly need some help here.  Thank you

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