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South Tacoma

At last I'm fulfilling one of my long-term goals. I'm moving to Washington. I'm from south Texas and I hate our hot, humid, windy, sunny, flat, treeless, greenless, ugly city. I may be getting a job in Tacoma. I saw a fixer-upper home with loads of potential. It's in south Tacoma. I'm worried about the crime rate. Is this a good area to move to? If not, what area do you know of as an up and coming area with homes in disrepair that you could flip?

Hello FoxFour-

I live in Tacoma and the weather today is rainy and blah; hopefully what you're looking for! There are tons of "fixer upper" houses around the tacoma area. Depending on what part of South Tacoma, there is crime, but to be honest there's crime everywhere. It's not like you'll be afraid to step out of your house or anything weird like that. It might be a little bit more diverse than Texas though...

Good luck with everything, and welcome to the neighborhood!

South tacoma is ghetto. North tacoma is beautiful. Please don't judge tacoma by the southside. Tacoma is awesome I love it!

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I work in Tacoma, but I would never live in many parts of South Tacoma.

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