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South Suburban College Reputation


Does anyone know if the RN program at South Suburban College in South Holland has a good reputation? Is it a good program? Whatever you can share would be appreciated?

Hi Reese,

I didn't do the RN but I completed the LPN program there in 2005 and it was very challenging so I know the RN program ain't no peanuts either. Some of the instructors who teach the LPN course also teach the RN course. I had also completed their Pharmacy Tech program back in 95 and that wasn't no cake walk either. South Suburban College is a good school to me.

BlessByGod, thanks for your reply. I attend SSC and was just wondering how they faired compared to other nursing schools.


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Consider this: 5 years from now will it really matter? No...

Once you make it through the program and pass NCLEX, then it really doesn't matter...Now get your butt in school :)

LOL...your right, Woody. I wonder do employers care about the school you've attended?:specs:

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