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South Florida Agency Nursing

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I will be working as an agency nurse with Parallon in South Florida starting in June. I have 6 months MedSurg and 2 years of ER experience. I relocated here (from out of state) for my husband's job. I don't know anything about the hospitals here, but all of my experience has been with HCA hospitals. I am curious to know if any of you have worked at the HCA hospitals in Broward or Palm Beach County, specifically in the ER. If so, do you have any recommendations for assignments? Thank you in advance.

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How are you doing with Parallon? I worked for them for years, but I left to California for a while. HCA hospitals are very challenging for nurses, I worked in Miami and broward county in the tele floor. Good luck with the Per diem, I was actually looking for a contract because per diem gets cancel first.

Also you can try Tenet, I sign up with them too. you only need to work 4 shifts per month, and parallon is 1 per month.

In south florida, I will only work staff at memorial hospital, the pay is not great but I feel a lot safer, with a lot of support from managers.

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