New Grads in Sioux Falls

  1. I currently live in and attend school in Wisconsin but there is a possibility of moving to South Dakota when I graduate in December. I'm wondering what the jobs are like in that area? I will have my Associates Degree when I graduate in December. The Milwaukee area is still hiring within 2-4 months after graduation and it doesn't make much difference if you are an ADN or BSN here for pay etc.

    Anything would be helpful my husband would be excited to know that we could both be employed if we decided to make the move for him.
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  3. by   SFSDRN
    The job outlook isn't the best if you're looking to work in one of the bigger hospitals in Sioux Falls. They are starting to getting away from hiring ADN's. Clinic jobs have all gone to LPN's with very few RN's. The nursing homes are always hiring. The smaller hospitals in rural towns would most likely be hiring but not for as much as you would make in Sioux Falls. Hope this helps!