got accepted to University of South Dakota

  1. Hi... I got accepted to USD for nursing and will attened in the fall of 2014. I was wondering what is it like in USD and anyone from South Dakota? Thank You...
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  3. by   Eleven011
    Hi and Congrats!! My associate degree is from USD, but it was from a satallite program from LATI in watertown, so I only went to the actual campass to participate in graduation. I've heard good things though!
  4. by   lolplayingnurse
    Thanks so much for the reply!!!! If you don't remind me asking how is the job market? Do they have a connection with Sanford? Do hospitals like USD students? Thanks again...
  5. by   Eleven011
    I'm not sure of any connection, I don't have any experience with Sanford. I have heard favorable things about USD students, I live near Presentation College which is known for its nursing program, so I hear mostly about them. USD in general has a good rep and I'm sure you'll do great!