Where can I get hired with excelsior paramedic to ADN?

  1. Was wondering if anyone in the midlands of SC knows where a Paramedic that is getting their RN with the excelsior can get a job with a hospital? I've heard it's extremely hard to get a job with these degrees? Also have 5 years in EMS. I'm also looking for going ADN to BSN too. But not with excelsior but probably walden or liberty university.

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  3. by   BestSweetGal
    Hey, I'm not in midlands per se..down in Charleston, and I work at the VA and we have several EC grads that did LPN to RN program and work right here at the VA. I don't know of any Paramedics, but shouldn't make a difference what you were before...all that matters is that RN. Good luck!