Relocating to S.C. York County or Columbia area.

  1. We will be relocating to S.C. and looking in the Fort Mill/Rock Hill area in York County or possibly Irmo or Lexington. My wife is a BSN and wants to know the best places to work in those areas. We are checking into Lexington Medical Center, any others? Which ones pay more? She has 15 yrs. experience, any connections to get her a job? We will be relocating there once the kids finish school at the end of June, but will be purchasing a home around early April. She is in the process of applying for her S.C. license. Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Jolie
    She might want to find a job before deciding where to apply for licensure. You will be so close to the NC/SC border that she may prefer to work in NC.

    Good luck on your move. Enjoy the beautiful climate!