Private Duty Nursing in SC

  1. Hi! I am looking into relocating to Anderson, SC and want to know all info regarding private duty nursing in SC. Please Help!!!!!
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  3. by   P_RN
    How much experience as an LPN or RN do you have. I've noticed mose PNs are LPNs. You do know the contract usually runs from day 1 til the end of the case. The pay is usually lower. In myfacility the floor nures gave all the meds not the PPNs. Must work through an agency who requires a portion of your salary as due. You handle your own taxes usually. You do have the one patient and the only backup is if you ask for it. Mos PNs I have seen write massive nurses notes in long hand-no computer, no care plan. FOr the right tyoe of person this would be ideal. For me not.