1. Is there anyone out there that attend or have attended Aiken Tech OR maybe another school that went by the point system? I was told Aiken Tech go by the point system to get into the nursing program..can anybody tell me where do the points accumulate from? THANKS
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  3. by   hurricanekat
    TCL does the same thing. They have a document linked to their website (https://www.tcl.edu/wp-content/uploa...teria-2016.pdf). You get points for the classes that you have taken and the grade received...
    Statistics: A=6 points B=4 points etc. A&P A=8 B=5 etc. There are a list of courses and grades and I was told they add them up and then start accepted with the person who got the most points down to when they reach the number of students for the course. If you haven't taken the course - you get zero points for that course. So you can apply without completing all the courses, but it really boils down to the total number of points. See if Aiken has a similar sheet. Good Luck!