Myrtle Beach, SC hourly wage in hospital?

  1. I am an RN from CT with 2.5 years of hospital nursing experience in every specialty, including ED except for critical care. I am looking to move to myrtle beach south carolina but I do not know how much money I would expect to make there in the hospital. I need to know how much to ask for, what would be a reasonable amount?
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Not sure about Myrtle Beach....I am in Mt Pleasant near Charleston. As a new grad, I am getting $22.50/hr for days (I am in orientation), but they pay $2 more for eves (paid in a partial shift since shifts are 12 hours) and $5 more for nights and an additional $4 when you work a weekend.
  4. by   will-b-an-RN
    would love to know about MB pay rate for new grads