MUSC ABSN Spring 2014

  1. I wanted to start a fresh thread for all of us who are applying to MUSC ABSN program in the spring. Applications just became available, I am planning to apply for the priority admission.

    Welcome, Spring 2014 hopefuls!
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  3. by   browndog311
    I just applied for spring 2014 ! non priority. Do you have any clue as to when we should expect a response from MUSC?
  4. by   ml52789
    Yay! So far three of us who have applied are on this forum When I applied this past spring, I heard approximately 9 1/2 weeks after the deadline. They had over 400 applicants to sort through, so that may be why it took a while.

    If I were to guess, I'd say late October or early November for decisions to go out-- but that's just a guess
  5. by   tladd_09
    I applied July 1st as soon as the deadline opened for non-priority admission.
  6. by   ml52789
    Good luck to all who are applying! The priority deadline is today.
  7. by   APriest
    I wish it was rolling admission….I am anxious to find out! Good luck to everyone! ml52789 if you don't mind me asking-do you know why you were denied last cycle? If you are applying priority it seems like you wouldn't have a problem! (which makes me nervous cause I do not have a 4.0)...
  8. by   ml52789
    I sent you a PM

    Don't overly stress about grades- MUSC wants well-rounded applicants. While grades are important, they want to see volunteer and/or work related experience, good recs, and a good essay also. Good luck to you, hopefully we both get in!
  9. by   APriest
    I tried to PM you but I guess I haven't been on the forum long enough. I had no idea there were only 10 spots for out of state. I feel like my hopes have just been dashed down the drain! Do you have any idea how many out of state applicantions they receive?
  10. by   ml52789
    Apriest- what did the admissions specialist say about your application last admissions cycle?
  11. by   polly313
    Seeing all these people on the threads get no letters is making me less confident in my chances. I haven't applied anywhere else so I'm hoping for the best! I've read elsewhere that they rate the applications on a points system: 10 for the essay, 10 for recs, 20-30ish for grades, 10 for volunteer/work experience. I think that the grade portion is split into prereqs/overall/science so it's rated three different times. No idea what an acceptable score might be..obviously 50 is the highest but does anyone have info from previous applicants on their scores and admittance??
  12. by   ml52789
    What are your stats Polly?
  13. by   ml52789
    Any other spring 2014 hopefuls out there?? Regular deadline is tomorrow!
  14. by   APriest
    ml52789-have you received your letter yet?

    polly313-I'm not sure about the average points for accepted students, but I do know that last cycles average GPAs were roughly 3.7 for science, 3.8 for prereqs, and I think she told me 3.6-3.7 for overall. You get 10 points for work experience and 5 points for volunteer experience. I was also told by an admissions counselor you get 5 points for military experience.