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    Alittle background, I am 21 and will be graduating in May of 2017 from Thomas Jefferson University (In PA) with my BSN. I have lived in NJ my whole life, but I am thinking about moving to Greenvile, South Carolina right after school and working there for 2 years while my girlfriend finishes university . Was curious if anyone had any insight on the area in terms of where I would want to work, what types of patients you see, being a male nurse in the south, any and all advice is appreciated! I feel like I'm diving in without any real advice of what nursing is like in Greenville!
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  3. by   CardiacDork
    I don't know about SC but being a male nurse in Texas hasn't ever been issue... just make sure you always get a chaperone for any peri care or bathing a female patient. (I work ICU so peri care and baths are frequent happenings). If you work a surgical or postop floor chances of you doing these things will decrease for example.
    Houston is a big city though so my experience of the south may vary greatly for yours even if Houston is more south than SC, I'm pretty sure Houston is more liberal. Fourth largest city.