LPN transition to RN, ? on school

  1. HII am a LPN moving to Hilton Head area related to my husbands job for a year possibly 2 yrs. Where is a good nursing school semi-close by I can get my LPN- RN degree. How are the waiting lists. Looking forward to leaving Crazy weathered NH for a while. THANKS
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  3. by   drgnys30
    Technical College of the Lowcountry does not have a waiting list. You apply by Oct 15th for Spring entry or April 1 for Fall entry. If you have all your pre-reqs done and do live in HHI, you should be good at getting in on the first try, maybe twice. I live jsut across the line in Tybee Island, Ga ( ironic that I can see HHI and its about 5 miles by water for me but like 45-50 to drive it!) and I applied for Fall and it was full so I reapplied for Spring of '08 and got in. You are lucky because you would come in during the 2nd year first semester. They do like to get LPNs into the program to finish out. Any questions, just ask!