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  1. I was wondering has any one done the LPN-ADN program at trident technical college and do they require work verification in a nursing home because I will be starting a lpn program at ecpi in june and when I finish I want to go straight for my RN but I want to know has there been anyone that has done the LPN-ADN route at trident and what all did you have to do
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  3. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello, first make sure Trident Technical College nursing program accepts ECPI nursing courses. I' m not 100% sure if they do , but check into it because I'll hate for you to waste your time. I'm in Trident Tech's ADN program and I know it's three classes from lpn-rn and I don't believe you need experience to enroll in the lpn-rn program, but you can check their website for the requirements of each program.
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    Thanks for responding I went on website they said you have to have 94605 hours in med/surg hospital or ltc
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    I will be starting the Trident LPN-ADN this summer. What does 201 consist of? Are the test hard?