Ielts General or Academic??

  1. Hi,
    im an RN outside US ,but passed my nclex in Vermont state and currently active on Vermont I'm now on the process to have my license endorse to SOuth Carolina,submitted all the requirements only missing is English proficiency since I'm educated outside US.In SC board of nursing website they only mentioned IELTS requirements of 6.0 on all bullets with the general average of 6.5..but no mentioned of either ACADEMIC Or GENERAL IELTS test.been emailing them and phoned but no one seems to give me a straight answer and always refer me back to their I took a decision to myself and taken the GENERAL IELTS TESt...and managed to get all my score above 6.0 and average of 7 ...

    my my question is will they accept it?..most people I asked is they saying I need the academic IELTS not the general...I have a waiting job,,but this English profieciency is killing it.

    Please dose anyone have similar experience to me?
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  3. by   Nicklaus3
    hI JOE. are you done taking up IELTS?. Im also from south carolina and the BON is requiring me for english prof test. what type of IELTS did you take? is it ACAD or general?