Florence Darlington tech

  1. How many people do they except into the program?
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  3. by   ADN_In_Progress
    I thought it was just 64.
  4. by   LeafySnail
    Yes its typically 64 unless they have people that need to repeat courses.
  5. by   rbracey2
    Have you known anybody else to receive their letter yet...I know you stated you received your email about 2 weeks ago?
  6. by   LeafySnail
    If I remember right I got mine around the 20th-ish of October... This was 2 years ago.
  7. by   rbracey2
    Thank you...I'm losing faith since I'm not a resident of Florence that's why I'm so anxious but i already got other plans in effect if the letter isn't what I'm expecting but I'm definitely hoping for the best!
  8. by   rbracey2
    Just wanted to tell yall i received my letter today...im excited as ever...ready for this transition from LPN to RN!