Charleston area pay?

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    I'm wondering if any of the SC nurses could help me out! I'm thinking of moving south from NJ and am trying to get an idea of what new grad rn's are paid down there. I've heard such conflicting reports from friends who know someone in the area, one person has said $23, another has said they started at $35. Of course I haven't talked to either of them personally, so who knows. I know everyone says the cost of living is cheaper in the south but so is the pay so I really need to see if it works before moving my family. Thanks!
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  3. by   TeenyTiny
    When I graduated in 2005 new nurses were paid, pretty universally across the state $18 an hour. Overhearing some of the new nurses now it does seem to be about $23 an hour and given competitiveness I would guess that would still be across the state. Now, it also has to be taken into account that the Charleston metro area (Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties) has a higher cost of living than other areas of the state, by quite a bit, if you want to take that into consideration. (For instance my 1200 square foot house in my Charleston metro area home would sell for $160,000 and in my home county of Anderson the same square footage would be $100,000). Then again, I don't know what your costs are in NJ.