Best Low Country Plan?

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    I am graduating in May and plan to work here in NY (RN -acute care) for 4-5 years to gain some experience. At the end of that time, my plan is to relocate permanently to SC low country (Charleston & Beaufort #1 & 2 choices). I have read that nursing jobs can be difficult to come by in the low country so I am wondering whether the best plan would be to take travel nursing assignments initially just to get a foot in the door? And are Charleston & Beaufort feasible markets for me, with that amount of experience? I am not under the gun for timing, but I do want to be able to relocate as quickly as possible when the time comes. SC low country has always been my dream, but if it isn't feasible, does anyone know whether Savannah, GA is a better market? Thank you in advance for the assistance!
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