Anything on USC Upstate?

  1. Is there anyone that has attended/is attending this school that can shed any insight on it? I have seen two threads opened (one two years ago and one a month ago) that have not gotten one reply!!? I actually am completing prerequisites to apply for the 1st time in May of 2011 and have spoken to admissions counselors in the department (only 3 classes left) but I am hoping for a student's birds eye viewpoint on things. Please......anyone???
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  3. by   MRB_2010
    Upstate's SON has one of the most comprehensive Nursing pages among the programs in South Carolina. What type of information are you seeking specifically?
  4. by   chs12
    Hey Skyetropic -- I too am wondering about USC Upstate. I was recently placed on the waiting list and I have a few questions... are you currently in the program or did you too apply for Spring 2012?

    Do you know of anyone who is in the program who was on the waiting list and then accepted?

    Also, do you mind sharing your stats with me? I thought mine were pretty good so I was surprised to be on the waiting list but I still hopeful!