Any nurses who need a friend?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am a 21 y.o. black male student that is in the pre-nursing program and really looking for other pre-nursing or nursing male/female students that can be associates/friends. Im studying awaying from home meaning same state just miles from everyone I know and love. It would be helpful to have really funny friends that are very fun and encouraging and positive. I work full-time as a manager (not in healthcare though, real estate). So its kind of very hard when it seems like I live and breathe the job im at now and dont have time to even make a friend or two. Anyone who is interested by all means please let me know and we can have casual nursing conversation and be each other support thoroughout this process. LOL. [PM for IM info] but you can message me all day on here through this forum! Hope to meet lots of friends in the area and surrounding area and states!
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