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Sooooo many meds!

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Hi! I am anne!

I have been a Camp Nurse at a few special needs camps over the years and this year i am doing a week at a new overnight program for a typical summer camp in NJ. I was SO surprised to see the med list! Of these normal kids 40% were on everyday meds. Majority of them being ADHD and mood meds (lithium even!). This made me so sad, is this typical these days?

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40% is a little high. I think my camp is about 20% but that is still over 100 campers who see the nurse QD or BID. My camp doesn't consider vitamins medication, if I had to give out all the flinstones chewables I would have way more to do.

That's pretty high for us also, my camp is in NJ also

Turns out our camp concept attracted those who didn't really fit in elsewhere in the camping world. We found an group of kids who weren't being served by traditional camps. That explains all the heavy meds... it was a lot