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Soo nervous and worried

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I take my pn nclex for the second time on tuesday and i am beyond nervous. I did the Kaplan qbanks and practice tests. I did horrible on the practice nclex exams they gave me: 58% and 47%. I averaged a 60% on the qbanks. I am so worried and nervous. I just want to pass this time and go on with life. I feel pretty hopeless but I know I need to stick it out to get through the test.


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hang in there, it's worth all this stress and worry. and good luck!

Just try not to worry and stress yourself out! Get a good night rest and eat a good breakfast! Good luck!


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Stop worrying, you are doing fine. I scored around the same averages and I passed the RN on my 1st time and I got 75 questions. Take a deep breath and stay focused. Don't think about those scores, keep studying and doing questions and you will do fine. Goodluck

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