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Some advise please

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hi there, i am currently doing a nursing assessment and my patient being a 80 year old has just fractured her left neck of femur. so the question is outline your nursing action for the relief of her pain, i have already written about the medication side of pain relief now i am after some advise on good methods of nonpharmacological methods of pain releif relevant to this patient. by the way this is preoperative and she is fasting for surgery

so far i have this.

routinely performing pain chart

provide rest periods to promote comfort, sleep and relaxation

distraction techniques eg breathing excercises music therapy television a puzzle

repositioning of pillows and blankets to promote comfort

posible sheep skin or air matress preventing pressure ulcers

please feel free to give your input and advise on what i have so far as i would love some help :)

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FazzDazzle works as a Registered Nurse.

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ice, distraction (talk to pt about things she finds enjoyable: family, hobbies, happy times)

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