So Why Wake Med Again?


I keep reading on how great Wake Med treats thier new grad fellowship nurses....I would like to know how does Presbyterian and CMC hospitals treat thier new grads and do they have programs that really prepare the nurse in depth like Wake Med

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Flight.

some advice...

ask the nurses that work there...



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I don't know about how Wake Med's program is (I hear it's good), but it doesn't sound like CMC or Presby has an 'in depth' program as it does from what I hear..

CMC certainly recognizes that you are a new grad and tries to accomodate, but I think it's about having a longer unit orientation probably than anything else.. Their management part of orientation (the first weeks) for new grads would include maybe a longer skills fair, an extra day of lecture (maybe two), but it's about the same as new employees to their system get.. You seem to get more of the new grad orientation on your specific unit than in the 'hospital' system..

I know less about Presby, but from what I understand it's somewhat similar to CMC (but I'm not so sure) with not necessarily having a 'new grad training' program where you go to class or something..

I could be off, but that's my experience and what I've heard from friends..


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Which place are you leaning towards?

Charlotte is a large city that's trying to grow to be more 'metropolitan', and Winston Salem is nice too..

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