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So sick to my stomach.. Nclex

MelanieGa MelanieGa (New) New

I took my nclex this morning and I thought it was so hard, I studied crazy for a month answered so many questions etc. but it felt like I knew nothing and felt like I was guessing on alot. Then the test stopped at 85 and my heart sank. I tried the little trick. where people try and re register to take the test again and it wouldn't let me register. I know this has been posted again. I just need some prayers and good thoughts my way. If I don't pass I am going to have to go to some store to get a parttime job till I can take the test again. Please pray that I passed, I want to be nurse more than anything. This test was aweful and my anxiety is so bad I am having a hard time not thinking about it. I feel in the pit of my stomach i failed, even though people are telling me I probably passed. How can I think that way when I feel I answered everything wrong.. Anyways.. Welcome to my Pity Party.. Choclate and Junk for all lol....