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So Confused!!! Please Advise

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so here is my unique story. i graduated with adn with high honors in may 2005 from the state of illinois. since i was here on a student visa, i was not allowed to work after i graduated. i was able to attempt the nclex-rn exam however before leaving usa. i failed that attempt.

3 years later, i am back as a green card holder. i have my permanent residency now. yipeeeee..... but it seems like i cannot attempt the nclex-rn exam without a remedial course since it has been over 3 years since i applied to take the nclex-rn (dec 2005).

i have searched high and low for a remedial course for nurse graduates in illinois. i cannot find a program. i have tried contacting the board of nursing in illinois but my calls go to automated machines. i am hoping to use my associated degree in nursing to put towards a bs in nursing but all school need a current rn license for an rn-bsn program.

does anybosy have any idea how i can be eligible again to attempt the nclex-rn exam. how can i use my associates degree to better my career? pleae help

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