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So Close But Yet Too Far...

by dranreb dranreb (Member)

Here it is: After 3 years of studying nursing ( 2nd course ),garduated last March 2007,passed the NLE last June 2007,passed NCLEX last September 2007, I thought I was ready to go! ( IELTS passed last year ).I began processing my VSC......and yes I am here in the U.S. today....but not working, just a visit.

This is not actually what I imagined 4 years ago. I really thought that at this time( 2nd time to be here in the U.S. ) I'm already working as a U.S.-RN in a hospital. But the reality changed a lot and many are very much affected ( with the retrogression ).I know how hard it is,specially to those who had been waiting for years for their dreams to come.

Yeah...I'm already here,so close for that dream of working as a nurse, but it's yet too far.( NO Visas Available )

Anyway, "Change is the only permanent thing", I suppose that in due time it will again change and this time , I hope it's for the better.

Just staying here to reward myself for the sacrifices, dedication and determination and for doing a job well done... Guys, "good things comes to those who wait"...Good Luck to all of us!:balloons:

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