SNF/ Nursing home VS Waiting- SoCal


To wait, or not to wait is the question...

I live in SoCal and I have actively been looking for a hospital RN position since July of 2015. I have my ADN and am finishing up my RN-BSN. I have a couple of friends working at a SNF and may have a way in. However, I tend to only hear not so good things about them. I hear they offer little training, heavy patient load, and a lot of cutting corners. Ideally I would love to start in a hospital and receive good training to start my career and eventually move into a specialty. Isn't that what every New Grad RN wants? Is that realistic now-a-days ? Is everyone else having a hard time looking for a job? What is the longest you have waited?

Should I wait, or take the risk at a SNF?

Sorry for the many questions,

-worried new grad