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Smartphone for Verizon w/WiFi?

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hi all,

I'll be staring an accelerated 2nd BSN program in January, and I've been going back and forth between getting a PDA or smartphone--I've been weary of going the smartphone route because of the extra charges for data, but then I read here that you can get a smartphone and NOT get a data plan w/Verizon.

We have WiFi at home and on campus--I'd love a Palm smartphone w/WiFi so I don't have to pay the extra $$$ for the data plan (I understand I'd only be able to connect at hotspots, but that's OK--both home and campus have access). But, looking at the Verizon web site, that seems like it's not an option for their Palms? Am I missing something??

If there is no Verizon Palm w/WiFi, is there another smartphone w/Windows Mobile that Verizon offers w/WiFi?

thanks in advance!

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