Small pocket book of med surg

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I want to buy small clinical handbook of med surg, which it can carry in my pocket.

please can somebody suggest me which is a good one.

thank you



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is it small size that I can carry with me.


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If there is a pocket clinical companion to your textbook, that might be the wisest choice as content and emphasis may differ among texts. We use Ignativicius and Workman text and it has a nice companion volume, which is pocket size and has great pertinent information.

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Yes, it runs 4.25 inches wide, by a little under 7.5 inches high and is slightly over 1 inch thick. I keep it in my clinical grab-and-go-bag. It does fit in my scrub pockets, but it has some weight to it.


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I would wait until your in the med surg unit before you buy something if you are just getting started. Buying something pocket sized for clinical sounds great until you realize that with a drug book, stethoscope, brain pen, hand sanitizer, notes ect... you run out of pockets. lol A few of my classmates found that the publisher of our textbooks mad a companion book that outlines the basic diagnosis and nursing interventions and critical actions. It worked well for them. it didn't really do me any good. My style of taking notes out of the book worked better for me. So if your just starting your first year, maybe scope it out when you hit med/surg first. Good luck!


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Look on Amazon for Med-Surg Notes...its a little spiral bound book with lots of great info and assessment reminders that fits in your pants pocket. Also don't bring quite so much stuff to clinical. All I brought was my pen, stethoscope, pocket book for whatever clinical we were in and a small composition book for taking patient info notes for care plans.