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SLU Accelerated MSN program

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I've been looking into the accelerated msn program at SLU and was hoping someone who has been through the program could answer some questions.

I graduated 12 years ago with a BS in Biology:Pre-Health. My prerequisites are more than 5 years old, so I'm assuming I'll need to retake them. Did anyone else have to do this? Did you apply after you completed the prerequisites or did you see if you could get accepted contingent upon completion of those? Also how was that financial aid process? Did SLU seem to offer many grants or Scholarships?

I'm a mom of three, grades 4th, 2d and kindergarten and have never worked more than 4 days a week since having them. I know the schedule will be rigorous, but I'm wondering if you could offer me an idea of what a semester looks like. What time do classes typically begin and end as well as clinicals?

I'm sure I have tons of other questions but I think that's enough for now. Thanks in advance for the help!

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