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Slight traveling regrets


I love the idea of traveling. I am actually 5 months in. My first assignment was actually in my home town and my current second assignment is two hours away. I'm really only considering local assignments right now because I drive home to be with my family on my off days. It seems as though financially, this assignment that is two hours away, doesnt net me too much more money. I really only make enough additional to cover transportation and housing. Again, I love the idea of traveling and most likely will take my next assignment back home. My state also recently became a compact state, so in the near future I have two other states I can drive to and hopefully find assignments with higher compensation or fly somewhere during the summer. I'm just venting. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Compact states tend to be lower paying. Larger pool of licensed travelers you are competing with.

You might have actually taken a pay cut with your local assignments when you consider staff benefits like good health insurance, PTO, sick time, holidays, vacation, retirement plans, and education.